Spread the glitter! Unravel Pediatric Cancer’s 2nd Annual Mama’s Night Out SJ!

This past Saturday I was enlightened with information that I am so shocked that I had unravel 2.jpgnever known before. In this country, seven children die each day because of pediatric cancer. 36 children are diagnosed each day. There are twelve types of pediatric cancer. Less than four percent of our government’s cancer budget goes toward pediatrics. Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society only give one cent per dollar that they raise toward pediatric cancer. The list of heartbreaking statistics and facts goes on and on.

unravel.jpgWhen I was asked to emcee for Unravel’s 2nd annual Mama’s Night Out, I had no idea about this non-profit or any of the facts I listed above. I am so lucky to have been asked to emcee this event, because my outlook on life has been forever changed by just five hours at Mama’s Night Out San Jose. I had a blast and cannot wait to volunteer with Unravel in the future.

Unravel Pediatric Cancer’s mission is to raise awareness about the lack of funding for pediatric cancer research. They empower individuals to take action in their own communities so they can fight for change by raising funds and awareness to unravel pediatric cancer.

On Saturday night, Unravel accomplished it’s mission on at least one person…me.

I encourage you to take some time out of your day, even if it is only twelve minutes, and explore the Unravel Pediatric Cancer website and the co-founder, Libby’s, blog. Once you are informed, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be moved, heartbroken, angry, but most importantly, inspired.

Don’t just be sorry, be active.

unravel 3.jpg




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