The Balancing Act Of A Titleholder

Being a titleholder is similar to walking on your hands...It's all about balance!

Being a titleholder is similar to walking on your hands…It’s all about balance!

As a previous titleholder in the Miss America Organization I have had some experience juggling the busy schedule it entails.  It can become quite the balancing act! This time around, as Miss Santa Clara, I knew exactly what I was in for 😉 For those of you former or current titleholders, I know you can relate!

As Miss Santa Clara I stay active in my community volunteering, supporting local organizations and events, promoting my platform Building A Healthy Future, and preparing for the Miss California 2015 competition taking place this June in Fresno, California. The demanding schedule of a Miss America local representative can seem like a lot to handle at times, however a busy lifestyle and a full schedule is what I am accustomed to.

When I was eight years old my busy schedule kicked off. I began gymnastics. Before I knew it I was at gymnastics practice training five days and about 20-25 hours a week. At a young age, I learned how to balance extracurricular activities and academics. To this day, I believe it was because of gymnastics that I am able to handle a demanding schedule. I knew that in order to go to gymnastics practice, I had to fulfill all of my homework and school duties first.

I do not know life any other way and I love it. There are 24 hours in a day for a reason!

Today my schedule consists of my higher education as a full-time college senior at San Jose State University, Miss Santa Clara 2015, a professional cheerleader, working full-time on the Google Shopping Express team and of course maintaining a social life. I am so fortunate to be a part of so many amazing groups and organizations. I have always worn many “hats.” Each “hat” I wear, I am the same me – staying true to myself, but I have the chance to express my different passions.

One of the key components of handling a busy schedule is allotting time for yourself and your social life. Family and friends have always been a  priority of mine and I continue to make time for them. Without the support of my family and friends, I would not be where I am today. blog 1 Another tip I give that works the BEST for me – make lists! I always have to-do lists, sometimes even three to four weeks out. I have separate to-do lists for school, work and other tasks I need to complete. Keeping my calendar updated is essential. I keep my calendar updated on my phone and on paper to be 100% sure I have dates reserved.

I maintain my healthy eating habits with meals from my sponsor, Fresh Fit Foods Direct!

I maintain my healthy eating habits with meals from my sponsor, Fresh Fit Foods Direct!

Lastly, an important component to remember when taking on a busy life is to keep active and put your health on the top of your priority list. Stress can creep to the surface from time to time, but with healthy eating and regular physical activity you can ease that uneeded stress. Along with healthy eating and fitness, it is important you find activities that you enjoy to just relax.

Lunch time barre classes are one of my favorite "me" times!

Lunch time barre classes are one of my favorite “me” times!

Whether it is listening to music, reading a book or catching up on your favorite shows, finding relaxation time is a necessity. I challenge you to remember my tips when you find yourself taking on your busy schedule. Create those lists, update and maintain your calendar and find social and you time! xo Jessa


One thought on “The Balancing Act Of A Titleholder

  1. tiannavanderhei says:

    This post could not be more true, I feel you girl! I’ve been a titleholder in Wisconsin for the past three years and it’s truly a balancing act around school and work, but completely worth it.


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