Why A Crown?


Photo Credit: Syracuse Image Photography

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of a crown is power. The kind of power that makes people interested in you. The kind of power that can inspire. The Miss America Organization is full of incredible women who all have an amazing story. Each young woman who wears a crown in the Miss America Organization embodies the “four points,” of the crown.

The four points of the crown may be a new term to you. Every crown in the Miss America Organization has four points. These points symbolize the various characteristics of the women who wear the crown. The points represent scholarship, service, style and success.

The first point I mentioned, scholarship, is something that sets the Miss America Organization apart from any other pageant or organization. The Miss America Organization is one of the nation’s leading achievement programs and one of the world’s largest providers of scholarship assistance for young women. Through my involvement in the program, I have earned over $10,000 in college scholarship. These scholarship dollars have played a significant part in my higher education.

Service. This would have to be my favorite point of the crown and one of the reasons why I believe the crown is so important. IMG_8141 Each titleholder spends their year as an ambassador for the Children’s Miracle Network, along with promoting their own personal platform. My personal platform is Building A Healthy Future: Instilling A Healthy Lifestyle In Our Youth.” The crown gives titleholders the power to reach people in society that they may not have been able to reach without it. The crown has served as my microphone, a sparkly tool that attracts the attention of the youth and others.


Photo Credit: Syracuse Image Photography

The best part of the Miss America Organization is that every contestant and every titleholder is different. There is not a certain “look,” that you need to be in order to become a titleholder. Every woman has their own style. This point on the crown not only represents the style of clothing, makeup or hair of the contestant, but it represents the way in which she carries and presents herself.

Lastly, success wraps up the points of the crown. The way I see it is- with scholarship, service and style you will achieve profound success. With the tools and experience every titleholder gains through the program, she creates a foundation for herself. This foundation will lead her on her journey to great success.

So, why a crown? Because this sparkly and shiny object that sits securely bobby-pinned to the top of each woman’s head, is a symbol of power. The power of scholarship, service, style and success.


Photo Credit: Syracuse Image Photography


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