Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Read Across America


This morning I had such a fun time at Arbuckle Elementary School in San Jose. I had the opportunity to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday with 20 enthusiastic kindergarteners! In support of Read Across America with United Way Silicon Valley, I shared the importance of reading and how fun it is!

IMG_8398I read two of my favorite children’s books with classroom B8. The first book was a story that is related to my platform of “Instilling a Healthy Lifestyle in our Youth – Building a Healthy Future.   ” The book titled My Amazing Body, explains the importance of taking care of your body for your future. I was able to share my favorite healthy foods and exercises with the students and they shared theirs in return. It was great to hear that five and six-year-olds actually like eating carrots, grapes, strawberries and other healthy foods. And of course, it was not a challenge to get them to want to play outside and keep active!

The second book I read was Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, which is a story that I believe is important for every individual at any age. The book was definitely a hit with the classroom! I was even able to get the entire classroom to share what they want to be when they “grow up”. LIMG_8397ittle did I know I was in a room with future doctors, police officers, teachers, readers, electricians and even Elsa’s 😉

With the two stories, I was able to get my overall message across to the students. My message being, “If you eat healthy and stay active you can achieve a healthy future where you can be whatever you want to be.”

Dr. Suess’ birthday was always one of my favorite days in elementary school, and today I was reminded why. Thank you to Arbuckle Elementary for having me!



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